Remote Graphics Receiver

Remote Graphics Receiver

Remote Graphics Receiver enables professionals to work together in real-time
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License type: Shareware

Using HP RGS, you can collaborate with colleagues across geographies, in real-time, using content-rich interactive applications or connect a local USB device and have it virtually attach to a remote system with local access and control.

A core element of the HP Virtual Client Essentials software portfolio, HP RGS is an advanced connection protocol that allows a user to access and share the desktop of a remote computer over a standard network. All applications run natively on the remote computer and take full advantage of the compute and graphics resources of the sending system.

The Software’s application-independent architecture automatically supports and accelerates all current and future multimedia codecs and applications, including Adobe® Flash® and Apple QuickTime®, to deliver a rich remote desktop user experience.

The HP RGS Receiver software is now available as a free download and is supported on Windows Vista® and Microsoft® Windows® XP-based desktop PCs, mobile PCs, and workstations, HP Linux workstations, and HP thin clients—expanding collaborative capabilities to users who do not have the full install of HP RGS in their own environments.

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